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The 10 Most Famous Prop Money Pranks on YouTube

by Brian C. Christy
The 10 Most Famous Prop Money Pranks on YouTube

Prop money is just fake money that looks real. It can range from a $100 to $10,000 stacks of cash.

There are many uses of realistic prop money, one of which is YouTube pranks.

The production of replica money allows for many light-hearted and funny videos to be made.

Companies like us put in a lot of effort to provide YouTubers and media production companies with the best realistic money they need to pull off their prank.

1. BLIND MAN DROPPING $1,000,000 PRANK!! – 73M Views

In this hilarious prank, BigDawsTv, a channel known for posting the most famous prop money pranks on YouTube, had their character drop $1,000,000!

The main character was made to be a blind man carrying a suitcase that “accidentally” opens, dropping a load of prop cash. The blind man walks away, unaware of what happened, and people can either help him or steal his money.

He pranked many people and almost all of them chose to call on him and help him return the money to the suitcase. However, one man stole one of the fake stacks, by sliding it in his back pocket.

Although, the character never reveals it’s a prank, he does with one guy who was so shocked by the amount of money that he stormed off after helping return the cash.

It’s most likely that BigDawsTv uses realistic prop money in the form of blank filler. This is basically a bunch of clear sheets that are covered by a fake bill on the top and the bottom of the stack.

2. DROPPING $1,000,000 PRANK!! – 30M Views

In this YouTube video, BigDawsTv comes in with yet another hilarious prank.

The main character, Nico, is described to be a very rich Cuban man. He drops $1,000,000 from his suitcase in front of about ten different people.

He goes from asking people where to find a bank or a casino, to getting approached by a cop, to as far as asking gorgeous women if they’re interested in a sugar daddy! Two of the women ended up actually giving him their number.

Nico went wild! During one of the pranks, a man was caught sliding one of the fake money stacks in his pocket, thinking that no one saw him. But, the whole world did!

It’s most likely that the channel used the same replica money they used in the “Blind Man Dropping $1,000,000 Prank” video.

3. $100 Honesty Social Experiment | Part 5 – 22M Views

Here, EpicFiveTV had their guy pretend to accidentally drop a $100 bill in a busy area, with the aim of seeing whether people will be honest and return the money, or dishonest and steal the money.

He began the video by revealing that he was using prop 100-dollar bills. However, the replica money he used was different from that of the BigDawsTv pranks. It was a $100 bill on one side, but a LOL face on the other side. Ironic, right!

Many of the people chose to be honest and return the money, while others slid the money in their pockets as if it was theirs.

One woman went as far as sliding her shoe on top of the money in an attempt to take the money without being noticed! After being asked about the money in her native language, she pretended that the money coincidentally got under her shoe. But hey, she still returned it!

As, the guy lost a few bills of fake money that looks real, he had a stack of realistic fake 100-dollar bills with him throughout the video. The money used in this prank was likely bills for motion picture use only, because there wasn’t much effort put into the art of creating these bills.

4. TRYING TO BUY PEOPLE'S DOG FOR $100,000 – 22M Views

In this prank, BigDawsTv truly shocked the viewers by including pets in their pranks!

Of course, all of you who have pets would never give them up. However, BigDawsTv wanted to challenge this idea, and so they had their actor pretend to offer strangers $100,000 in cash, in return for people’s dogs.

Nearly all dog owners directly refused the offer without a second thought. However, one man was actually willing to sell his dog for the fake money stacks! This came as a shock to many viewers until his wife quickly refused the actor’s offer.

As with the other videos posted by BigDawsTv, they likely used blank filler counterfeit money for this prank. The video ends with a beautiful message: Some things money cannot buy.

5. Russian Hitman $100,000 Transaction Prank! – 20M Views

VitalyzdTv, a YouTube channel famous for their “Russian Hitman” pranks, shocks viewers with an epic prank.

The Russian hitman character goes to take a stranger’s bag, leaving a case containing $100k, claiming that the transaction is complete. Since, the strangers can’t tell that there are counterfeit money that looks real in the bag, they fight for their belongings .

One of the strangers goes as far as to hit the prankster! Two of the strangers began by shouting, but after learning that the other bag contained cash, they attempted to negotiate. The hitman ends up giving them one of the stacks to “keep quiet”.

Little do these people know, he was using prop cash that looks real. Considering there were about 10 fake money stacks, it’s likely that VitalyzdTv used blank filler props.


This prank was very different from the others. Here, ThatWasEpic wanted the SHOCK VALUE!

In the video, the actor pretends to be a rich man, who was just counting last week’s earnings, about $100,000. As if that’s normal! Of course, the money counter is a pretty loud machine, which gets all the attention on him in a heartbeat.

The people around him all get shocked and weirded out by his behavior. One restaurant manager ends up asking him to leave! The actor ends up giving a woman one of the stacks in return for a pen, but of course she quickly realizes that it’s fake money that looks and feels real.

In this prank, it’s likely that the man used double sided replicas, since the stack was separated by the machine. Check out our tips on how to differentiate between counterfeit money and real money here.

7. DROPPING $100,000 PRANK!! – 6.1M Views

Yet again, BigDawsTv executes another funny and entertaining prank using fake dollars.

In this video, the actor pretends to accidently drop $100,000 of fake money on the floor. Everyone quickly goes to help return the money to the bag due to their shock.

The actor gets so lazy in a few of the pranks that he simply walks away from the money, claiming he didn’t need it!

He goes as far as asking a girl out, and at first, she says that she has a boyfriend. However, after seeing the cash, she gives the actor her number!

Considering that there wasn’t too much realistic counterfeit money, the prank was more believable. As with the other pranks, they most likely used cheap fake money.


This prank was different, short and sweet.

Jesse, the YouTube channel, had a few actors drop a bag full of bands of counterfeit money that looks real or shockingly come across a bag of cash in the middle of the streets.

The people around them all wished that the money was theirs when they were asked if they dropped that bag.

The actors went as far as screaming when the money was dropped on the floor! One guy even lost his shoe while running hastily with the money!

A woman actually lied and told them that she did drop the bag, in order to steal the money. Little did she know, it was all fake dollars that looks real!

It’s likely that they used prop money full print in this prank, because the money was separated in bands rather than stacks.

9. DROPPING $5,000,000 PRANK!! – 5.1M Views

Here, BigDawsTv really went WILD! $5,000,000 worth of wild!

They had their actor pretend to be taking fake stacks to some big name and accidentally tilt the wheel barrow, dropping all the money on the floor.

Of course, everyone’s jaw drops at the sight of the real counterfeit money. Wouldn’t you do the same? Many of the people asked if they could take just one of the fake money stacks, but the actor pretends to be a messenger.

One of the people went as far as calling the cops! Later in the video, the actor ends up getting questioned by police officers about the money and its purpose. He ends up explaining that he is, in fact, using fake money that looks real.

10. Dropping $100 Bill Prank (Social Experiment) – 4.9M Views

In this prank, SSSniperWolf recreated a social experiment where she drops realistic 100-dollar bills and sees if people will be honest enough to return it.

She begins the video by revealing her prop stacks. She showed that the fake bills had pink Japanese writing on the back, which allows people to recognize that it is replica money. Shockingly, many people ended up taking it as if it’s theirs.

One woman even inspected the counterfeit that looks real, not realizing that it was fake, and took it! However, another guy ended up telling the girl that the money was fake anyway after noticing the Japanese writing on it.

Out of the other pranks on this list, people were the most dishonest in this prank!

In all of these hilarious pranks, the talented YouTubers creatively used prop money to prank people.

The varied list of YouTube Pranks shows the endless uses of realistic money in pranks. Depending on their budget, each channel bought different qualities of props to execute their pranks.

You can do it too, and maybe your video will be on this list!

The properties of motion picture money, like its texture, color, and design all contribute to a well-carried out prank, because you’re looking for the best counterfeit money that looks and feels real. This is why here at BUZZPROPS LLC, we offer the best high-quality cheap prop money!


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