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History of Movie Prop Money and How you can get it!

by Brian C. Christy
History of Movie Prop Money and How you can get it!

All of you are wondering how much it cost Dark Knight movie producers to capture the scene in which the joker was burning millions of dollars in front of the camera!

Many people are curious about whether it was actual money or just fake money.

Are movie makers rich enough to easily burn this huge amount of money in a movie? If it was fake money, what is it called? How can I get it? Is there any way to buy cheap movie prop money?

Dark night fake money

This is called prop money which is just replica money stacks that looks so real on camera that, as a viewer, you can’t detect the difference, especially if the movie money was manufactured through high-quality production lines from a reliable supplier.

History of Movie Prop Money

You may wonder how counterfeit money was created in the first place. Who created this product? Well there’s a long story behind it.

Back in the 80s, money first appeared in movies, and the producers used REAL money. One of the few movies in which real money appeared was the short film, The Great Train Robbery, by Edwin S. Porter.

Poster of The Great Train Robbery

However, the United States government banned the use of any kind of real US dollars in front of cameras due to the surge in counterfeiting at that time.

Luckily, in this period (around 1920) there was a lot of useless Mexican currency that was left after the Mexican revolution.

As a result, movie directors started using these bills since this was the only way to show money in any kind of photography.

As time passed, directors started running out of these currencies meanwhile, many growing companies started producing their own replica money.

Thus, movie producers started getting their replica money from these third-party companies. The laws that were regulating them, back in the 90s, are still applied today.

Forms of Motion Picture Money

Motion picture money can be full print front and back, which means that the bill is printed on both sides like this picture below: This one is similar to the actual bill, and is the most realistic prop money; it’s used in nearly all movies.

You can check some samples of our products here.

Full print front and back prop money

Movie money can also be used as a blank filling. This means you have clear sheets that are covered by a bill at the top and another one at the bottom.

This one is, obviously, much cheaper than the full print front and back.

This form of movie prop is commonly used in pranks. It is just for decoration and can be really useful, if you are on a budget.

Blank Filler Prop Money

The nice thing about blank filling stack is that you can create it yourself. Although it needs much time, effort, and experience, it can be a simple and affordable solution.

Its is being offered in many forms. It can be rented. Also, it could be sold and then destroyed after you are done with whatever task you needed for, for instance, doing photography.

Although you can not get it for free, it can be made by companies specialized in this industry.

Motion picture money is used by all film producers since they can’t use real currency in their movies. This is because using real money in photography was banned in the United States, back in the 90s.

Realistic money can’t be used in real life to buy things, and it is ILLEGAL to use it.

However, it can be used to trick other people; maybe using it to look rich in front of your girlfriend.

Where does it come from?

Realistic fake money comes from companies that are specialized in manufacturing this stuff. They legally make this product according to very rigid rules and can sell those products for many purposes.

One of the leading companies is BUZZPROPS. Our products are trusted by big media production companies in the United States.

All the money you see in movies, TV shows, music videos, and pranks, whether it is a 100 dollar bill or a $10,000 stack, is just motion picture use only money produced by specialized companies like us.

What is the difference between fake movie props and real money?

On camera, there is no difference. It is actually very difficult to determine whether the money you see on TV is real or not.

There are very subtle differences between movie props and actual money. However, there are laws that regulate realistic fake money use in movies.

Designing the best fake money stacks is a challenging task. When designing it, you must create a bill that looks nearly identical to the real bill, so that people can’t notice the difference.

However, it doesn’t have to be perfectly identical to the real thing, in order to avoid any legal issues.

replica prop money

Furthermore, to create it, you can’t just simply use the original design of real dollar.

Therefore, it has to be made from scratch and this means that there is a lot effort to be made by the production companies.

That is why we have the best experts in the country to help us create your realistic counterfeit money.

There are other differences, such as the quality of the paper used and how similar its texture is to that of the real currency.

In fact, this is what puts us at the top of its industry. Our quality differentiates us from other companies. We confidently say that we offer the most realistic fake money in the market!

Additionally, there is a very fine aspect that used to be ignored by other producers, which is color.

We spend a large amount of money and effort, in order to use the highest quality inks that were never used to produce prop cash in the past.

This allows us to manufacture fake money that looks and feels real using the finest colors and best quality paper.

Despite all of this, we guarantee that we can offer the best product in the market for the best prices! Our client satisfaction is important.

Owing Movie Prop Money

Many people wonder whether it’s legal to own it or not. Well, the answer depends on several factors.

If you are using it for purposes such as films, shows, and pranks, you can legally own it, if you will destroy it after you are done with your work.

However, you can’t use movie money as if it’s real currency to buy anything!

The consequences of illegally used replica money can be up to a maximum sentence of 20 years imprisonment and a fine.

Criminal Intent of using fake money

Be Careful!

Recently, the rise in counterfeit has unbelievably increased.

Some people just go to busy places like markets and gas stations to use their fake money that looks and feels real.

The busy cashiers who typically work at these places can be easily fooled.

So, we highly recommend that people understand the difference between fake movie money and real money.

Buying with counterfeit money

Although it should only be used for specific purposes, the counterfeit money movie can be used illegally by some people. So, you must double-check your money.

Although high-quality prop money produced by companies can’t be easy to detect. There are still some ways to check your money.

One of the best ways to check if your money is actually real is by doing the following:

✓  In the lower right corner, you will see a number that shines when you move the bill.

✓  This number will change from color to another color as you are moving the bill.

✓  This technique is done by holograms which are beams of lights that get trapped inside the bills.

Dollar under UV light

The idea of this was developed by Physicists back in the 90s.

Quality is Our Motto

If this doesn’t blow your mind, we don’t know what would!

Our outstanding quality makes us stand out from other companies. Simply put, we have a 100% client satisfaction guarantee. They choose us for our high-quality, fast-shipping & tracking services, and affordable price.

Furthermore, we offer a good variety of collections at good prices that fits every need, so we are sure that we can satisfy our variety of clients.

BUZZPROPS LLC is now considered the #1 supplier of prop money for the most famous media companies.

Until now, we have supplied millions of prop cash to the biggest production companies.

So, we fearlessly believe that we are the leading company in the industry of prop money production.

Need help?

We are happy to hear from you at any time. Our brilliant customer service would love to help you; You can reach us here.


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